Switzerland is Mister International 2015

Switzerland is Mister International 2015 

MANILA, Philippines – Pedro Mendes of Switzerland has won the title of Mister International 2015. Mister International 2014, the Philippines' own Neil Perez, awarded the new winner at the pageant's finals night Monday, November 30.

Here are the runners-up, rounding out the top 5:

1st runner-up: Mister Brazil, Anderson Tomazini
2nd runner-up: Mister Korea, Sang-Jin Lee
3rd Runner-up: Mister Panama, Julian Torres
4th Runner-up: Mister Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus
The Philippines' representative Reniel Villareal won Best in National Costume, but finished in the top 10.

Following the fashion show, evening wear, swimwear, and national costume shows, the top 5 went through their question-and-answer round.

Mister Switzerland was asked by Francis Libiran: "If you were a world leader, what would you do to make a difference in the world?"

"[If] You cannot be the best...it means you have to try to be the best. [I would like] to show you what I can do," he said.

Here are the rest of the answers in this important round:

Vice Ganda asked Mister Panama, "What do you think of the legalization of same sex marriage?"

Answer (via interpreter): "You need to respect everyone no matter what you think, [you may] have many opinions about it, but in his own opinion, everyone can do for...[make] their own decisions."

Mister Czech Republic was asked by Jose Paredes, "How will you promote a healthy lifestyle in the best possible way?"

Answer: By own [self], I would promote myself as a good example of what you can achieve...it's about the mind.

Anna Chua asked Mister Brazil, "If you were given the chance to live your life all over again, what would you want to change and why?"

He said he would spend more time making precious memories with his family. "I've tried so hard to be here, and I forgot sometimes to be with them," he said.

Mister Korea was asked by Thu Wu, "What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant?"

"The essence of winning this pageant – we have to be good examples to the people, who look to us to be an inspiration to them, to guide them to be role models for the world," he answered with the help of an interpreter.

Pedro wins the 10th edition of Mister International 2015.



Mister International 2015
1st Runner-up
  •  Brazil – Anderson Tomazini
2nd Runner-up
  •  South Korea – Sang Ji Lee
3rd Runner-up
  •  Panama – Julian Torres
4th Runner-up
  •  Czech Republic – Jakub Kraus
Top 10
  •  Australia – Chris Nayna
  •  Indonesia – Kenny Austin
  •  Philippines – Reniel Villareal
  •  Puerto Rico – Fernando Álvarez
  •  Venezuela – Rafael Angelucci
Top 15
  •  China – Nan Li
  •  Lebanon – Farid Matar
  •  Mexico – Alejandro Ruiz
  •  Spain – Daniel Barreres
  •  Sweden – Ivan Virrait

Special awards

Special awardsContestant
Mister Congeniality
  •  Singapore – Edwin Aw
Mister Photogenic
  •  Mexico – Alejandro Ruiz
Best National Costume
  •  Philippines – Reniel Villareal
People's Choice Award
  •  Spain – Daniel Barreres

Best In National Costume

  •  Philippines – Reniel Villareal
  •  Indonesia – Kenny Austin
  •  Venezuela – Rafael Angelucci
Top 10
  •  Brazil – Anderson Tomazini
  •  India – Halley Laithangbam
  •  Panama – Julian Javier Torres
  •  Poland – Rafał Jonkisz
  •  Puerto Rico – Fernando Alberto Álvarez
  •  Thailand – Chalaphon Karnwatee
  •  USA – Troy Thomas

Special awardsContestant
Mister Diamond Star
  •  Puerto Rico - Fernando Alvarez
Mister Fort Ilocandia
  •  Brazil - Anderson Tomazini
Mister Mary Kay Cosmetics
  •  Venezuela - Rafael Angelucci
Mister Natasha
  •  Brazil - Anderson Tomazini
Mister New Placenta Soap For Men
  •  Puerto Rico - Fernando Alvarez
Mister Oxin Telegenic
  •  Italy - Andrea Luceri
Mister Plaza de Norte
  •  Indonesia - Kenny Austin
Mister Philippine Airlines
  •  Philippines - Reniel Villareal
Mister River Mount
  •  Philippines - Reniel Villareal
Mister Smart
  •  Australia - Christopher Nayna
Mister Teceruma Spa & Salon
  •  Philippines - Reniel Villareal
Mister Unisilverwatch Time
  •  Spain - Daniel Barreres
Mister Vertex
  •  Indonesia - Kenny Austin

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